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        About Us
        Changzhou Minghe Chemical Co., Ltd. located in the Yangtze River Delta economic downtown Changzhou Jintan, adjacent to the international business center of Shanghai and Nanjing, the provincial capital. Strong technical force, has a professional R & D, production team and excellent management team. Meanwhile in close cooperation with Tsinghua University, Nanjing University and other universities. Mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of finished products and pesticide intermediates. The main products are Bispyribac, pyrithiobac grass ether, saflufenacil herbicides and their intermediates, such as pyrimidine series production, product quality, reasonable price, good reputation, quality of service by the majority of users.
        The company also provides standard samples for scientific research units, sales of production samples of the enterprise; provide technical advice, technical training and other services for the production of process improvement in cooperation.
        In the company of people-oriented, technology Societe Generale, cooperation and win-win business philosophy and all visitors want a better future. Welcome to the new and old customers to discuss cooperation, we will be dedicated to serve you!
        Contact Us
        Contact:Miss Xu
        Add:Room 20-21,Longshang scenic spot, Jintan City,Jiangsu Province, China.
        Zip Code:213200
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